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    Q) Why should I buy from you?
    A) Buy from us because you will work with someone you know and trust! If you have an issue you will talk to someone at IOTAP who knows you. You get the same products and can even save money buying through us. Maybe you want an Annual subscription and get a discount. We can do that! Maybe you want things that you cant get from one single technology company like Microsoft and need to create your own custom bundle. We can do that! Maybe you want an Intranet solution or Sales and Customer Service system implemented. We can do that! Maybe you are looking to move your systems and data to the cloud and need help from an expert. We can do that! Maybe you need someone to help you with the setup and administration. We can do that! ITs Better with a Partner!
    Q) Do you offer the same products as we get from the service providers like Microsoft?
    A) Yes we offer the exact same products! We are direct providers and authorized reseller. Our technolgy partners encourage you to buy through us we like to say ITs Better with a Partner!
    Q) What kind of support do you provide?
    A)  Our support options are listed in your online services agreement. Review the options. You can reach us via
    Phone: +1 703-884-3363 - USA, +91-22-4062-2622 - INDIA, +968 2459 0100 - OMAN
    Email: [email protected]
    Chat- just find us online and have a chat!
    Log a ticket on our support portal at
    Q) What kind of services do you provide?
    A)  We are cloud services company we are partners with many cloud services providers. We understand that what it takes to run a business- its not just email, or accounting system. We can help you with a your technology needs from email, document management, sales and marketing solutions and even financials and ERP
    Q) How do I add IOTAP as a reseller:
    A)  Please click and select the region specific URL to authorize IOTAP to provision and support your Cloud Services. The region specifics URL is based on your billing address and currency in which you will receive your bill. Picking a specific region doesnt prevent you from having employees and users in other countries. This is primairly for billing and support puproses. You must be a Global Admininistrator on your tenant to authorize the relationship.


    Q) Do you have access to all my systems?
    A)  We only have access to the systems you give us access to. We however never look at your data and cannot look at your data. We manage systems and services for hundreds of companies around the world and our technicians and staff are trained to do this well. You never share passwords or user names with us.
    Q) What if I want to terminate my relationship with you?
    A)  You can change partners any time. We hope you dont do that. Just let us know why and give us some time to finish up the term!
    Q) Can I work with multiple partners?
    A)  As much we think we can help with your Cloud and services needs, we know there may be things that we cant do for you. Some of our customers do have other partners and its absolutely fine. We work together as a team and keep thinngs moving forward for you. ITs Better with a Partner!
    If you have things on your mind that we have not covered here - email us at [email protected]